August 14, 2022

Miss France 2014, Miss Pays de la Loire: "I am a great gourmand" What are the essential products for your vanity?
I could not do without some simple products, my facial cleanser, my moisturizer and my toothbrush all to feel fresh and start a day.
What is your favorite beauty product?
Without hesitation my mascara, the one that makes the false eyelash effect from gemey maybelline
Your secret for a beautiful hair?
I'm sorry but I have no particular secret to give you, I just do a shampoo and care from time to time
What is your biggest hair craze?
Younger I had tried a coloring who gets off after several shampoos I had finished with hair purples. Now for fear of a failure I do not try anything, I stay brown and I cut the tips when they start to be damaged.
What outfit would you dream to wear?
Thanks to this great adventure, I have already had the chance to wear many incredible dresses that I will never have had the opportunity to wear otherwise, but my favorite outfit is a chic trouser suit with beautiful pumps in the red sole .
What do you think is the woman who best embodies elegance?
For me the most elegant woman is Princess Kate Middleton, I find it simple and always very chic!
What part of your body do you prefer to show off?
I would say my face, that's what I prefer to put forward and with the makeup there is plenty of nice way to showcase.
A small complex?
Of course, but I will not reveal my weaknesses.
You have to spend an evening alone with a male celebrity. Who do you choose?
I would choose Guillaume Canet, because in addition to being an actor, touching and talented producer, I find him very attractive.
Your advice to keep the line?
I am a great gourmet, I abuse chocolate to compensate I try to go to sport most often!
What is your favorite regional dish?
A pike of Loire accompanied by a butter sauce white, but I do not advise it to keep the line.
A local product suggestion to bring back from your home region?
Difficult to choose a product, my parents are winemakers, so if I have to choose a product from my native region I answer a good glass of hillside Layon.

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