April 19, 2024

Miss Universe - Hinarani de Longeaux: "I am very fond of Gisele Bündchen"

She is beautiful, she is tall and could easily be elected "Most beautiful woman of France". This is more or less the function it has today. Hinarani de Longeaux is indeed the first runner-up of Marine Lorphelin, miss France 2013. And she will replace her in the competition of Miss Universe Saturday, November 9, 2013. For GirlsFromMainStreet.com, the young woman talks about her beauty routine.

GirlsFromMainStreet: What are the essential products that are found in your vanity?
Hinarani of Longeaux:
A moisturizer for the face and body. It's primordial. Side brands, as I come from Tahiti I use a lot of Polynesian products based on monoi or Tamanu oil. Monoi I use a lot on my hair, mask, to take care of it.

GirlsFromMainStreet: And make-up side?
H. de Longeaux:
During the day, I do not do much makeup to favor the natural beauty side. So, I use a foundation powder, a blush, a gloss and a little mascara. And in the evening, I put the package with the smoky eye and false eyelashes. Especially if it's a party like the contest Miss Universe ! (Laughter)

GirlsFromMainStreet: What is your biggest hair craze?
H. de Longeaux:
I never really did anything with my hair. If I had to dare, I would probably opt for a bob because I always had long hair!

GirlsFromMainStreet: Who do you think is the woman who best embodies elegance?                        
H. de Longeaux: I am very fond of Gisele Bündchen! For me, she has a perfect physique, she is beautiful. But what marks is his career. At first no one wanted her. And yet she persevered, she succeeded and I like it.


GirlsFromMainStreet: If you had to spend an evening in mind with a star ...
H. de Longeaux:
Ryan Gosling! (laughs) He is very handsome, he has a crazy charm and I love his way of playing.

GirlsFromMainStreet: Your advice to keep the line?
H. de Longeaux:
Eat balanced, do not deprive yourself because it is important to have fun. And then of course play sports. Personally I love jogging and fitness.

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