June 23, 2021

Mixed couples, they testify

Lucie and Louis
"I am Togolese and Louis is Breton. The hardest thing was my mother's welcome. She imagined that I was going to get married in my street. At first she was cold with Louis, but today it became his second son, as things can get better.

Fabien and Laurence
"Fabien is a practicing Jew and I am deeply Catholic. We fell in love with each other. It was very complicated when our son arrived. Fabien wanted him circumcised and I wanted him baptized. We had a lot of arguments about this and finally we decided to let our son choose. We will talk to him about each of our religions and when he grows up, he will make his choice if he wishes. "

Justine and Rachid
"I'm French and Rachid is Moroccan. We got married 10 years ago. We had two girls. I wanted to stop there but he absolutely insisted that we make a third child to have a boy, inherit it as he says. It seems like it's cultural. So I got pregnant and I just learned it's a girl .. "

Claire and Bao
"I am Ivorian and my companion, Bao is Asian. It's crazy how different we are. I am very eccentric, turned to others, it's my African side while he is very discreet. We learn a lot from each other. And even if we are different, we share a lot of things. "

Magda and Luiz
"I am Polish and my husband Luiz is Spanish, we met during an Erasmus exchange. We have been married for 12 years. The hardest thing to manage for me: the meals in his family that last for hours, endless goodbyes. In my familywe do not show our affection in this way, we are rather introverted ".

Marie and Emilien
"I come from Strasbourg and Emilien is Cameroonian. I am white, small, red, thin, Jewish. He is black, huge, calm, and Catholic. I met his family last month. They were lovely to me. His mother just found me a little white to his liking. Laughing together our differences was the best way to get comfortable "


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