February 29, 2024

Molecular cooking: 3 tips for cooking chocolate differently

Sparkling chocolate!
A pinch of sugar sparkling on a whipped cream, and it's completely transformed! So, imagine chocolate sparkling in your mouth, while you enjoy a fondant or a vanilla ice cream ... One thing is sure: everyone will tear your recipe ! To achieve it, it's very simple. Melt chocolate black, white or milk according to your taste, in a bain-marie. Let cool a few minutes, then add some sugar sparkling. Stir with a maryse to cover it completely with chocolate. Then spread your preparation on a silicone or baking sheet previously covered with baking paper and let the chocolate harden. You will only have to put a suspicion on the dessert of your choice. And scrutinize the reaction of your loved ones ... Surprise and laughs guaranteed!


100% chocolate mousse
You have some chocolate and ice cubes? And you dream of a tasty moss for the dessert ? This is possible thanks to the molecular cuisine. Fill a salad bowl with ice cubes and place a bowl inside, and put everything in a cool place. Meanwhile, melt squares of chocolate with a little water. Pour the unit into the bowl and beat with an electric mixer. The chocolate will gradually emulsify and turn into foam!


Internet, ideal for finding certain ingredients
At Easter, forget the eggs to look in the garden. And replace them with shells filled with pearls of chocolate. To make this caviar and customize your dessertsyou need: tap water, bottled water low in calcium, chocolate and ... alginate as well as calcium chloride. Yes but here, where to find these last two ingredients? To find them, go to websites specialized in molecular cuisine. There you will find the equipment, receipts but also kits to start, and make pearls, jellies and other surprising mousses.

Hervé This' Chocolate Mousse | Genius Recipes (February 2024)