May 28, 2024

Mom and frame ... it's playable?

Today, most women do not want to choose between work and family life, and decide to take both adventures together. How are they doing it?

Full time or part time?
For BĂ©atrice, who is in charge of communication in a press group, working part-time is ideal and does not slow her down. career. "I chose to dedicate my children to Wednesday and I had to convince my supervisor that my job would not suffer, and I immediately informed my staff about this choice, which they understand and respect."
Conversely, for some women, this formula translates into stagnation in the job. Caroline, commercial, chose, punctually, not to evolve in her career. "I am happy to be able to take care of my baby part time while maintaining a professional life.I know that I will reinvest myself later by resuming my activity full time ..."
As for Christine, journalist, no question of sacrificing her career or have schedule constraints. "I first took a full-time nanny and now an au pair has taken over at home, which is very reassuring, she knows children well, and I do not know about stress. When I come back late, I explain to the children what I do in the office to justify my absence. "

Our advices
In the office, present the positive side of things. It must be made clear that you are organized and dedicated to your work, but want to respect your new schedules. Try to delegate more. Use and abuse the current means of communication: internal messaging, mobile phone ...
At home, in addition to nannies and housekeepers, involve your man in household chores, use the Internet to do your shopping ... And do not forget to run your networks: share the behavior of children with neighbors, think to friends, to your mother-in-law ...

Organizations to help you get back to work
This association brings together many antennas in the region to guide mothers who want to return to working life.

The National Center for Information and Documentation of Women and Families (CNIDFF) provides information on law, employment, family life, and offers a skills assessment workshop.
7, rue du Jura, 75013 Paris. Tel: 01 42 17 12 00
Civic and Social Women Union

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