September 25, 2021

Monoprix launches its first BB Cream

BB cream is now one of the essential beauty products. Both skincare and makeup, it offers women the opportunity to hide their imperfections, while illuminating their complexion, and moisturizing their skin. In short, THE product we had been waiting for years. And that is now the happiness of many of us. The cosmetics brands have all surfed the phenomenon BB, and have released, in turn, their version.

And it's now the sign Monoprix who embarks on the big adventure BB. To stand out from its competitors, the brand has bet on a mini price: 7.49 euros only. Very rare for a product of this type. Something to satisfy women with a small budget beauty, or not wanting to spend a thousand and a hundred to pump up. In addition to this attractive rate, the BB cream signed Monoprix promises five benefits: intense hydration of the skin, attenuation of signs of fatigue, protection of the epidermis against external aggressions, correction of fine lines and imperfections and finally, unification of the complexion. In itself, nothing new, since it is the promise of any BB cream, whatever the brand. Regarding available shades, two shades are proposed here: clear and medium. To satisfy all skin types.


If you are interested in this product, go to your Monoprix.




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