November 28, 2022

Morpho file: our tips to make up your eyes according to their shape

Some of us have drooping eyelids, the eyes are small or too round, not open enough, too hollow. In short, few are perfect! Fortunately, makeup is our friend and can help us erase some imperfections and sublimate the rest.

Do you have small eyes?
- Privilege eyeshadows bright colors, which will give the impression of enlarging your eyes, unlike dark colors.
- If you opt for a eyeshadow darker, stretch it out of the eye, still to enlarge the look.
- Play the large eyelash map with a mascara volume and especially avoid the eyeliner. It could seem to make your eyes look even smaller.
- To try also, a line of light pencil on the inner lining of the eye, to open the eyes.

Do you have sunken or globular eyes?
- Again, prefer them eyeshadows light in color to enlarge the look.
- Stretch the eye shadow towards the outside of the eye to lengthen the shape of the eyes.
- Once again, watch out foreyeliner. Do not surround your entire eye, you could intensify the globular effect. In order to redraw the shape of the eye, put a pencil line oreyeliner only on the outer corner of the eye, by slightly tracing the line to enlarge the eye, always towards the outside of the eye.

Do you have droopy eyes?
- Work it eyeshadow the color of your choice to the top and the outside of the eye, to correct the falling effect.
- Apply more than mascara on the eyelashes of the outer corner of the eye, always to redraw the shape of the eye.
- For'eyeliner Also, emphasize the outside of the eye and draw up the line to lift the eye.

You have your eyes apart?
- Ask your eyeshadow around the eye, without stretching it outward.
- Work the shades of blush from the bottom up.
- Surround your eye with a pencil, always to give the impression that the eyes are less apart.
- You can also opt for a dark blush on the outer corner of the eye, without exceeding the shape of the eye, and a light blush on the inner corner, fading in the middle, to erase the effect spacer.

Do you have close eyes?
- The goal will be to stretch the material on the outer corner of the eye, to enlarge the look towards the temples.
- Opt for a light makeup at the inner corner of the eye and for a darker makeup on the outer corner to stretch.
- For the mascara, insist on the eyelashes of the outer corners of the eyes.

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