January 16, 2022

Morpho makeup: how to make up your mouth?

A make-up of the mouth requires several products: a lipstick (the color you like), a lip pencil a tone below the red and a brush for those who want to play the precision thoroughly. You should also know that if you have everything on his eyes, the lips will be very little makeup and vice versa because it can quickly turn to the effect "truck flight", not glamorous at all. For those who want to highlight their mouth or on the contrary camouflage it, here are some tips to turn girlfriends!

The luscious mouth
If a luscious mouth is a little dreamy mouth, it can sometimes be much too fleshy and complex some. To camouflage it as best as possible, we use a lipstick discreet and above all we drop the lip pencil. Start by going from the foundation on your mouth to blur its outlines to the maximum then spread out finally the lipstick inside the contour of the mouth. You can also focus on eye makeup. After all a doe look is well worth a sexy vamp mouth!
The fine mouth
Contrary to what one might think, a woman with fine lips should not use a lipstick dark, because it will make his mouth look even smaller, but a red or clear gloss. The goal here is to make the mouth thicker, so we draw a pencil line wide enough and protruding from the hem. Then we fill the lips, being careful not to exceed the pencil line. Attention also to well blur his makeup, to merge the pencil and the lipstick. We will not choose a brown pencil and lipstick candy pink. Exit the cagus effect!
The small mouth
As for the thin mouth, you can use a pencil line to redraw the hem of your lips. You can choose the color you like, you are entitled to everything. Thus, you can throw yourself on a beautiful red chic and glamorous, provided you always use a pencil a tone above. Another tip, use two different hues. So the first lipstick chooses will have to be only slightly darker than the second. The darker shade will be applied on the upper lip and the lighter shade on the lower lip. Look, your mouth is already growing.
The big mouth
As for the luscious mouth, it is to camouflage his big mouth subtly. If Anne Hathaway is not ashamed to fall for beautiful reds or hot colors like chocolate, we will prefer lighter shades like orange red, coral or even beige gloss. So make up the mouth with the foundation, then draw a line of pencil inside the hem. Then simply make up the inside of the line, always taking care not to exceed a hair. Julia Roberts just has to stand!

Everyday Red Lips by Morpho Cosmetics (January 2022)