December 1, 2021

Morpho-style: What jeans to wear when you have flat buttocks?

Today jeans comes in many models and multiple colors. It has become a must and a timeless that all people have in their dressing room. To know? A jeans is supposed to put shapes in values ​​where the importance of choosing the shape of his pants.

You are complexed to have the buttocks too flat, or you do not find them enough feminine, do not panic, discover practical advice to choose your right jeans according to your silhouette.

To begin the most important advice before choosing a jeans fit and check the back pockets. Indeed put your hands on your buttocks and thus check the height of the pocket. If you see that the pocket falls well below your buttocks: Your legs will look wider and your buttocks too flat. So opt for a jeans whose rear pockets are high and have a slight relief because they will put your forms forward.

It is also important to choose a jeans close to the body such as a slim. Rock and roll or chic casual, this model allows to mold and draw the silhouette. Bingo if you have flat buttocks to put them forward. You can also opt for a flare model. This jeans is halfway between the elephant legs and the right, will accentuate your silhouette and especially your size and your buttocks!

In contrast, avoid wearing a jeans wide like for example a boyfriend. A wide model that hides all shapes and opt for a model close to the body to find the perfect jean! He who will make you pretty buttocks, long legs and sublime thighs.

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