October 25, 2021

Morphology: dressing when you have a menu bust and wide hips

The number one style that suits your morphology, small bust and wide hips, this is the Empire style: a little tight at the top, it highlights your chest and, blur down, it allows to lose in the flexible folds the volume of your hips a little wide. You are also superb in the baby doll style, these wide dresses that take the shoulders well and structure them while hiding your hips.

The hights that showcase your morphology are especially those who reveal a little skin: the necklines, the short sleeves embellish you. Do not hesitate to put also blouses made in very fluid fabrics. Your white shirts, wear fluids too, with a maximum of open buttons. Your jackets will be better if they are bent. The association fitted jacket, skirt pencil and shirt is chic and ideal for office living.

Below, you can afford the pants slim, provided to associate them a top a little long, which goes down under your buttocks. If your legs are slender, put on wide, high-waisted pants, which enclose your slim waist.

The shoes that you put should have a little heel - a big one, it's even better! Because of course the heels lengthen the legs and blur the wide hips of your morphology.

Your accessories are the collars that fall between the breasts and the belts which emphasize the delicacy of your size.
Our advice
Your morphology fits very well with overlays. They add volume at the top and allow to drown in your large hips in fluid forms.

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