May 29, 2023

Morphology: dressing when you have a strong chest

Strong breasts are the dream of many women: voluptuous, feminine, seductive, your morphology do more than one jealous! For the more daring, dare V-necklines, drapes and body-worn tops worn on a high-waisted straight skirt or wide-legged high-waisted pants. For the more shy, blend the volumes with smooth cuts.

The subjects that it is better to adopt, when one has a strong chest, are fluid and light tissues. Also favor the quality so that your clothes are chic and never fall into vulgarity, especially if you are not shy and play with your female volumes. Similarly, your look will be much more elegant if your fabrics are sober and if the prints remain discreet.

Sleeves your clothes bring out the best breasts when you release them with a short sleeve. You can put on straps, but in this case, choose narrow ones to refine the bust.

The forms of dresses which are perfectly suited to morphologies with a big chest are the dresses close to the body, with a square neckline. The dress pull soft tends to soften the curve of your chest if the mesh is fine and if the dress stay close enough to the body.

The tops for strong breasts are the silk shirts for a masculine-feminine look that goes terribly well to your type of morphology, white shirts worn open, even knotted if you have a small belly to hide, light blouses that tighten at the hips ...
Our advice
There are bras that reduce the size of large breasts for those who want to hide a little volume. In this case, invest in a good bra well sheathing so that it does not relax too quickly.

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