September 25, 2021

Mother at 40

Career first and foremost
I had just celebrated my 40th birthday, when my daughter arrived in my life. It was a choice to focus on my career and my life as a couple up to 35 years, then more way to carry a pregnancy to term. So we adopted a child. She was 1½ months old when she arrived, and upset my life. Being a mom is my greatest achievement, I raised my daughter with more patience, availability and listening. I do not regret having been a "late" mom.

Christine, 51 years old

An unexpected accident
I became pregnant at age 39, in a natural way, after years of thinking I was sterile! This baby is a real happiness and I do not regret having it. Nature has done things well: I am well in my 40s when at 30 I was still looking for myself.
I was warned of risks and constraints. I finally had a great pregnancy. I had a terrible fishing and I even did some heavy work in the apartment I had just bought!

Fabienne, 41 years old

New life
Driss was born on October 06, 2004. I was 44 years old! Before continuing my testimony, I want to tell you that it is the first child of my new companion (we got married in June 2003). For my part, I was already the mother of two 25 year old girls and 28 years old (today) and I am grandmother of a little boy, born in January 2005.
This pregnancy went very well. Of course, the exams were more advanced than for the first: everyone is caring for you and alert to the slightest doubt ... My only regret? Do not have a few years less to give a little sister to Driss !!!

Pascale, age 45

Mother one last time
I did not become a mother at 40, I was already, but I wanted to conclude in beauty by giving life to 42 years. I can assure you that this last pregnancy has brought me even more than I had experienced so far. I fell headlong, without asking too many questions. I was followed by my family doctor and my gynecologist, the routine what! I gave birth to a pretty little girl weighing 3,200 kg, in full health and who will soon celebrate its 9 years. My other loves? Olivier (32 years old), Aurélie (26 years old), Philippe (25 years old), Laura (21 years old) and the last one no less invasive Lucie. I like this family clan side that reassures me.

Martine, 50 years old

Late meeting of the father
I wanted a child forever but I only met the man of my life at 40 years old. I got pregnant four years later, when we did not believe it anymore. I had a dream pregnancy, although very supervised because I was a "primipara aged" !!! amniocentesis is painless, virtually safe and I recommend it to all late moms. I do not regret: Leo is a beautiful boy of 10 years, intelligent, very creative and adorable. One downside: my husband died of cancer when our son was 2 1/2 years old! We miss him a lot. I wish equal happiness to all women who will dare to raise a child late. We have more patience, more openness. That's wonderful !

Marie, 55 years old

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