October 25, 2021

Mother's Day: a gift made by children

Mommy do not worry! It is not a necklace or bracelet made from pasta. Babychou Services, a specialist in babysitting from 0 to 12 years old at home, had a more original idea to celebrate moms on Sunday, May 29: have children make a gift for their moms. And what a gift!

With mother of pearl buttons and a cord, the children will make a bracelet that they will offer to their mother. To pack the jewel, Babychou Services has chosen an organza bag, which can then be used as a storage bag. Moms will be delighted to discover this beautiful bracelet to wear on all occasions!

This beautiful idea reflects well the values ​​of this organization: to participate in the blooming of the children by proposing them diversified activities and to contribute to strengthen the bond parents / children thanks to this type of initiatives throughout the year.

Babychou Services is an essential reference when it comes toguard mode children. Babychou Services has the quality approval, mandatory for the care of children under 3 years, since its creation. Currently, the network is composed of nearly 30 agencies spread over the national territory.