January 16, 2022

Mother's Day / Father's Day: a tradition dear to the heart of the French

The reasons are many as you can see. But other questions arise on the occasion of these two holidays. What is the sum spent for this event? Where do we usually go to buy our gift for Mother's Day and the fathers Day ?

Here are the results of the survey conducted by Ipsos and Unibail-Rodamco on the French consumer trends in 2011 to celebrate this tradition. This survey also answers our questions and makes us discover the gifts praised by the French this year.

A family tradition dear to the French

Among all the celebrations celebrated in France, Mother's Day is at the top of the list with 81% of French people who want it systematically. But that dads can rest assured, the fathers Day is not in rest since it is desired by 67% of the French.

Why are we celebrating these two holidays?

One in two French people think that Mother's Day but also the fathers Day are the opportunity to please. These holidays are also seen as special moments to express gratitude to the parents or their spouse. The desire to show its gratitude is particularly strong with regard to mothers: 50% of French people consider Mother's Day as the perfect opportunity to show their gratitude against 44% for fathers Day.

Be careful not to forget!

74% of the mothers admit to being very disappointed if the family do not wish him his feast (against 47% of fathers). In general, women attach more importance to these two holidays celebrated in May (for moms) and in June (for dads) and are more involved than men. They are 87% not to deviate from the rule and wish Mother's Day every year (against 74% of men). 75% of them want systematically fathers Day against 59% of men.

And if we spoke budget?

We understand this ritual is expensive in the heart of the French. But the party would be incomplete without ... a gift. The survey recalls that moms are generally more spoiled than dads. 45% of French people say they buy a present at each fathers Day.
On the other hand, they are 59% to systematically offer a gift when mothers of family are celebrated. It should be known that the sum spent is 40 euros on average but the men say a little more generous.

Where to go to buy the gift

For the majority of French people, the shopping center is the preferred place of purchase to find the gift for Mother's Day but also for the fathers Day. The numbers speak for themselves: 54% of respondents go to a shopping center as a priority to shop.
Then comes the small business for 20% of buyers and the Internet (10%) and the supermarket (about 6%). There are also textbooks but they are few to engage in the making "home" of their gifts (less than 2%). It should also be known that one in two French would appreciate receiving advice to choose the best gift that will please.

Gifts of the French: the 2011 trend

A year ago, the gifts offered to moms were fairly standard: flowers (28%), perfume (13%), and jewelry / watches (11%). For the fathers Daythe latter received clothing (18%), cultural products (14%) and perfume (14%).
For this year, parents dream of escape, time for a getaway or a weekend. 18% of respondents believe that this gift would really make them happy.
Beyond this common desire, men would also be fond of technological products (20%) while women would be happier to receive flowers (19%).

This survey was conducted online, from April 5 to 8, 2011, among 1017 people representing a representative national sample of the French population aged 16 to 64 years.

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