June 10, 2023

Mother's Day Idea? The Love Bag "Tag by" Diane De Maria

The tag is in museums, in movies (Basquiat, Banksy and company), it is also on the handbag of our moms! The idea comes from the young designer Diane De Maria, first through painting and sculpture before designing the best accessory for women: the handbag.
Peace, Luck, Love, Wisdom, Hope, Joy ... Wise mother or happy mother, lucky mother or hopeful, in any case mom we love because it is the different messages that can be deposited at bottom of the bag in different colors (golden for luck, blue for wisdom, silver for hope, etc.). The little designer quickly became known internationally and her pretty bags to offer or be offered (hey!) Are available in limited outlets: in France, it's at the Bon Marché that he will have to go to find the collection "Emotion Line" of Diane De Maria, declined in two format.
"Tag by" bag Diane De Maria
The Bon Marché
24, rue de Sèvres
440 euros

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