October 27, 2021

Mothers and daughters, what I would like to tell you ...

Stéphanie and Marie Fugain
Stéphanie and Marie Fugain, the complicity of every moment. We feel between them a very strong, indestructible link. They evoke with a lot of emotions but also laughter the memory of Laurette, the little sister who died of leukemia, and remember the day when she prepared them a foul gaspacho.

Julie Andrieu and Nicole Courcel
Julie Andrieu (Julie cooking on TF1) looks back on a delicate episode of her life. Her first big love who was 35 years older than her. Her mother, the actress Nicole Courcel, has very badly lived this difference of age. Their rather serene relationship until then had become much more violent throughout this period.

Anny and Sarah Duperey
We learn that Annie Duperey almost repeated three times her fourth. She confesses with emotion that she was afraid to have children because of her own story (she lost her parents very young asphyxiated by a gas leak). Her girl Sarah felt so relieved after reading her mom's autobiography book entitled "The Black Veil". Anny Duperey entrusts to her girl that she would like to transmit to her, as well as to her brother, at least one thing, not a value, but a house, the one she has in Creuse. A very important place of anchorage for the actress.

To read also the conversations of Lio and his mother Lena Furtado, Juliette Gréco and Laurence Lemaire, Ludmilla Mikael and Marina Hands or Dominique and Marine Voynet.

John Mayer - Daughters (Official Music Video) (October 2021)