October 27, 2021

My anti-wrinkle program: at 20, I'm doing prevention

At 20, time seems to have no hold on the skin. This one is smooth, radiant and full of freshness. But it is at this age that good habits are taken. If it is not yet question of wrinkle cream, a few gestures are enough to delay the appearance of the first signs of age.

The beauty reflex to adopt now is to carefully clean her skin morning and evening. Choose a lotion if you have oily skin. She is mixed? A foam will be ideal to regulate the excess of sebum on the zone T (forehead, nose, chin). A milk will be more appropriate in case of dry skin.

No need to overload the epidermis or apply a night cream. Only a day cream is enough. But remember to change regularly. As time goes by or as seasons change, the skin sometimes needs more moisture.

Anti-wrinkle prevention

From the age of 25, if your skin displays some fine lines, you can start applying preventive anti-aging treatments. But be sure to choose the lightest possible.
Unless you have marked or parched skin, opt for a moisturizing day cream instead of using an anti-wrinkle cream. Indeed, the earlier you start, the more likely you are to get used to your skin. The latter, accustomed to powerful active ingredients, will always ask you more.

At the approach of your thirties, you can invest in an eye area to prevent the appearance of the famous crow's feet. But again, no obligation.
My products :

Boutique Nature: Organic Day Cream with Prickly Pear Oil: 17?
L'Occitane : Ultra-rich face shea cream: 29?
Qiriness: Caress Future Time: 56.90?
Dr. Pierre Ricaud: Hydra-Wrinkles Mixed Skin: 14.50?

Get Your S**t Together Skincare Routine | Anti-Aging In Your 20s (October 2021)