October 5, 2022

My child has a shrink

To take the flesh of one's flesh to a specialist in psychology, be it a psychiatrist, a psychologist or even a child psychiatrist, is an approach that is not insignificant. We never know when to consult and we always say that the problem is only temporary and that it will end up well.


Think again, the help of an expert can change everything. If he is in front of a child who does not express his emotions, he will find a way to make him talk. By the game, the drawings, he will decrypt the messages that your cherub can not pass. Some clues may prompt you to make an appointment for a psychological consultation.


In very young children, this translates into a certain passivity, the baby has difficulties to find his sleep, he flees your eyes, does not make efforts to speak: it is necessary to consult. Once he started school, around the age of 3, his aggressiveness, his recurring sleep disturbances, his difficulty in concentrating at school are all signs of discomfort. So, take your courage with both hands and make an appointment.

Finding a good psychologist is not easy. Try to interview people around you and have someone recommend you. You will still let him question your child so as to have all confidence in him. If you feel uncomfortable that your loved ones are in the know, ask your practitioner for advice.

The first appointment

That's it, you're in the waiting room. Beforehand, talk to your child so that he is not surprised by the person's curiosity about who he or she will meet.

In general, you are often more stressed than him since he does not know what is waiting for him. For this first appointment, the doctor will receive you both (or all three if you came with your spouse). He will ask you what are the reasons for your visit and will also involve your child so that he expresses with his words what he feels.


Do not be surprised if coming out of this first consultation, you are a little depressed. The doctor will point out some flaws and you will have to explain clearly that your child has problems, which is always tricky to admit for a mum. It may also be that your cherub speaks soon after the consultation or even wants you to have brought it there. It will only last for a while and he will quickly appreciate those appointments during which he can confide in an outsider without being judged. Logically, the psychologist will eventually receive the child alone and you will join him to complete the interview in his presence.


The first month, the appointments will take place approximately every two weeks. You will determine with the doctor their frequencies and the duration of the therapy according to the evolution of your child. Anyway, congratulate yourself for taking him to therapy, all parents do not do this when their little one has some problems.

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