September 21, 2023

My child refuses to go to bed, it's serious doctor?

Why does he refuse to go to bed?

He may be scared! If he refuses to go to bed, it may be that he fears black or is afraid of the pseudo monster behind the curtains. He can be just too excited. It is important that your child is in a calm environment before going to bed.

How to do ? The opinion of the psychiatrist!

Have regular schedules. Your child must be in bed at the same time every day. xplicate him that he has school the next day, that sleeping will help him grow up. Many doctors advocate "an evening ritual" as stories, cuddles before going to bed. Avoid putting it in the evening in front of the television, it tends to excite children, who then have trouble getting to sleep.

Reassure him. He needs to know that you are nearby and nothing will hurt him while he sleeps alone. But do not get into the habit of sleeping with him, it's important to leave him alone in bed. If he is scared, try to understand his real or imaginary anxieties to help him to apprehend his carinates. You can leave a small nightlight in the room or leave the corridor light on.

Mom's advice

Maya, mother of Tessa 3 years old: "I try to establish rituals with her, every night I tell her a story of her favorite heroine! So she is rather happy to go to bed and is much more cooperative ".

TIPS | Getting Your Kid to Sleep ALONE! (September 2023)