June 23, 2024

My child refuses to go to the hairdresser. What to do ?

Your child certainly has very good reasons not to want to go to the hairdresser! Still need to know how to decode them.

He is small and not very reassured. Choose a hairdresser who is used to children and will treat him with warmth and confidence. Tell the hairdresser if your child is responding to the sound of the mower or if you prefer a scissors cut.

Your child does not want to go to the family's hairdresser. He grows up, the little one, and he wants to be treated with more autonomy. Offer him a choice of two other hairdressers and let him make an appointment himself. And why not with a friend so that he is not accompanied by his mother as a baby?

Your child-adolescent is in a phase of rebellion and he expresses himself in the refusal to yield on the fleece. Let go of the ballast on another point but hold on hairstyle if this is really not possible anymore!

Your child has a sense of aesthetics which goes far beyond the understanding of parents. Try to find a possible compromise for both of you: OK to keep some lengths but within a reasonable limit you have to give a shape. And it is he who gives the instructions to the hairdresser.
Our advice
The whole value of bargaining is to respect the point of view of your child who considers that he has the right to manage his hair as good as he sings, for they belong to him (which is quite right). On the other hand, you can assert your parental right to determine whether hairstyle does not meet the criteria of social "tolerance". Show that you know how to listen to his desires, but he must go a little way in your direction.

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