June 9, 2023

My darling does not provide bed anymore! What to do ?

The causes

No need to order Viagra pills or prepare the latest aphrodisiac potion for your lover.
Most of the time, sexual breakdowns in relatively young and healthy men have psychological causes.
All products intended to stimulate its sexuality chemically are therefore of no interest and could even be totally ineffective.


It is in fact very often the stress which causes the breakdowns. The stress hormone, adrenaline, actually blocks erections. This anxiety can be due to problems of understanding within your couple but also to a transient depression or even a big tiredness.


It is also possible that your darling is simply very emotional or really lacks confidence in him ... He is actually so afraid to disappoint you that it hangs alone.


In rare cases, it is also possible that your darling went elsewhere and that, of course, he was destabilized for this reason.

To have a clear heart, see if he still has any desire for you, if he is tender with you. Nobody is owed in these situations; if he has become distant, he probably thinks of another girl ... Ask him frankly, if you have a doubt. Men can not lie a long time in these situations.


Keep in mind, however, that your Jules may very well be crazy lover of you, without being able to perform well. And this lack of performance does not necessarily mean that he sleeps with another!


How to react ?


-Do not make your man feel guilty after a breakdown. Even if you are frustrated and it is not easy, keep calm and stay in touch with him. Reassure him and tell him that it is not serious and that it will be better next time.
Indeed, if you make him a scene, he risks developing a real blocking anticipation. After, hello the vicious circle!


-Be sexy at most. It sometimes happens that Jules' libido fluctuates because you are less present or you let yourself a little bit ... If this is the case, do you come back and his desire should skyrocket soon enough!


-Help him relax to reduce his stress, which, remember, is very often the No. 1 responsible for sexual breakdowns.
Create a romantic atmosphere in your room, install candles, take out the massage oil and put on the foreground thoroughly. You will surely have a good surprise and the night may even be particularly hot!


Finally if despite our advice, the breakdowns continue it is better that your lover take a doctor's appointment to see if the cause is really not organic.
If it turns out that on this side everything is very well, it would be wise for him to go talk to a psychologist or, why not, that you were going to consult a sexologist both.


Whatever happens, if you truly love yourself, you will not end up fixing that problem in the end.
And soon, it will be as if this crisis had never occurred. Courage and patience!