October 27, 2021

My face cracking: Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum

Chanel pays tribute to the camellia flower, with exceptional moisturizing properties. From these virtues results a patented active, the Camellia Alba PFA ++ which acts on the natural mechanisms of the hydration of the skin.

Thanks to this asset, the cells capture and fix the water better, which plumps the epidermis from the inside, and the cutaneous barrier is reinforced: the water remains in the cells.

Another miracle ingredient, ginger formulated in Blue Ginger PFA. This blue-gray ginger, unique in the world, has great anti-oxidant powers that protect cells from less oxidative stress. The skin does not draw on its water reserves and remains quenched and fresh.

The serum Hydra Beauty is made for all women, all ages and all skin types. moisturizer basic, this face care anti wrinkle and special shine makes you a smooth and fresh complexion, thanks to a new generation ofhyaluronic acid which redensifies the epidermis and repulpates it.

We love its ultra-fine, pearly texture, subtle and light floral fragrance that blends into the skin instantly. A real booster to use morning and evening, which nourishes and awakens the skin thirsty for well-being!

Hydra Beauty Serum of Chanel : 71? the 30ml

Chanel Beauty Haul (October 2021)