May 29, 2023

My guy has no style!

It looks like a guy who has no style?

Catastrophic styles, there are many! All of them would take pages and pages then go directly to the top three:

The style that wants to be casual-chic, first. The open shirt suggests a fleece unappetizing, engraved curb is well attached to the wrist, the pants are a bit too short, suddenly the cowhide loafers reveal the tennis socks. The horror !

The complete panoply of the geek, then. The first mistake: the faded sports t-shirt, with round neck. The rest of the inspection is no more enjoyable: a faded v-neck sweater (at least what's left of it), shapeless and colorless jeans and disemboweled sneakers he received for his fifteen years (sir is a big nostalgic) Following !

The total look, to finish in style. The ultra-tight orange t-shirt that lets you see the belly, slim jeans too tight too short, gleaming santiago or the latest trendy fluo sneakers. What are you disguised, darling?
Your man has no style but he does not fit any of these descriptions? The explanation is simple, some men like (willingly or not) to mix styles. Still, the result is the same: it's time for change!
Why do not our men know how to dress?

To hear them, they do not suffer from a lack of style or bad taste, but on the contrary, they cultivate a very sought after look. Basically, they would just have a very personal and original approach to fashion ... Because they also try to bring out their personality through their outfits, the problem is they do not know how to do!

There are those who go too far in eccentricity, who do not understand that being fashionable does not mean wearing garish colors and tight fitting latex materials, those who can not get rid of their T Fetish t-shirts or their tennis socks, and finally, those who take themselves for "vintage" guys and who come out of the closet all their old clothes from ten years ago. How to explain to your man that in terms of fashion, we must always play on the nuance, take risks without falling into ridicule? Well, any problem has its solution: take it out to the stores, show it magazines, make it gradually aware of today's trends. You never know, maybe he will finally realize that until now, he was all wrong!
Honey, change your look!

The first step is taken: your half became aware of the problem, and he is ready to repair the damage. It's time to act! Of course, the transformation must be smooth, you will not go from jogging to suit and tie in a magic wand! And beware of the overdose, endless shopping sessions could disgust him and make him lose his precious motivation ...

Advise him, but let him develop his own new style. Nothing to do, he does not want to part with his sneakers? Make him buy the latest fashionable creations, chic, sober, mat. Shirts is definitely not for him? Direction polo department, much more refined than the t-shirts without forms. He continues to prefer jeans to canvas pants? It's okay but this time we make adjustments until we find the perfect cut. Jeans too short and too wide, it's past!

Do not forget that for men too, accessories make all the difference! So we add the belt, the scarf, the watch, the sunglasses on the list. And nothing prevents you from offering him the missing piece for his birthday, or when you are in the mood to surprise him!

And now, in no time and after some effort, your man has renewed his wardrobe. You have never been so proud to walk on your arm!

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