November 30, 2021

My guy is addicted to the computer!

A typical profile
He spends his day of work taped in front of him, and when he comes home in the evening, just after giving you a kiss with the tip of his lips, he sprawls on his chair and finds his computer.
In the best case, he makes a quick check-up on his personal mailbox. Still bearable, it shows you the Grand Canyon, the pyramids of Egypt, the desert sub-Saharan on Google Earth. You would rather see a tour operator to take you to these magical places ... But he shares his wonders with you, shows sociability. The real problem is not there.
The worst is to fear if he takes out his steering wheel or his joystick. There, he plunges into a virtual universe and nothing exists, not even you. If he has the delicacy to put a helmet, it's already not bad. Otherwise, you will have to hear the sound of machine guns, dying alien screams or whirring engines.
If he connects to play with an old friend, avoid listening too much to what he says: in these moments, the protective and reassuring man you know turns into a teenager with subtle humor. ..

What not to do
- To force him to stop a game when he plays. Allow him to finish this one or his lap (if it's a circuit). To cut him in the game is too frustrating for him. It's as if you interrupt him making love.
- Spit a nervous breakdown. You just risk spending your energy for nothing and inflicting maximum stress. Worse, he could scowl while feeling assaulted and react violently.
- No need to start a striptease. It's the insured bide. When a computer addict plays, it's an autistic!
- Forcing you to play with him to discover his passion. It's his problem after all, and this way of "joining" it is a lure.
- To think that he will calm down with age, it is archie false!

What you can try
- While he tries to kill his bad guys on the joystick or to pilot a helicopter, approach him with a lecherous air and whisper in a hot voice that you would like, you too, play with his joystick . If he is too absorbed to hit, slide your hand towards his lower abdomen and start the game. Wait for his reaction ...
- Find a regular activity that you are passionate about and take care of an evening or two a week. Make a deal: the night you have pottery, he can play all your drunk. And at least once a week, plan an evening out both. Same weekend, it must be able to devote a day!
- When you are very annoyed, call a friend whose darling plays with yours and do a little anti-video games rusting session. It does not solve anything but relieves a little.
- If you feel that the situation becomes unhealthy, that he is totally addicted to his computer and that his PC becomes more important than his life as a couple, do not let the situation get worse. Talk to him about your worries, shake him. If he remains deaf to your pleas, search through your spam until you find an atrocious virus to download ...
- All previous tips are in vain if you have the misfortune to live with a pure geek, a guy 100% mocked to his PC. If he spends his nights playing in a network (on World of Warcraft for example ...), displays a livid complexion and improbable hygiene, has a social life close to zero, your couple is in danger!
The only positive point: you can be sure of his loyalty. He does not have time to take care of you, so other women ...
If he needs a real detox, he will have to go through a personal analysis, with the help of a professional. The fact of "verbalizing one's practice" may help to take a step back from it.

Russian Kid Addicted To Roblox (November 2021)