June 13, 2024

My ideal dressing room: a cashmere sweater

Did you know ? When Uniqlo opened its doors in Paris in October, it was a real riot! It was sometimes necessary to wait several hours before being able to enter this new temple of the accessible fashion. Not surprising when we know that the brand proposed, for a limited period, sweaters in cashmere at unbeatable prices!

His advantages : the cashmere Achieves the feat of being both light and warm while transforming into a comfy garment! Not to mention that it remains the quintessence of luxury finally accessible! The little sweater can adapt to all situations. Wearing it on an old pair of jeans gives us an off-the-wall chic side, on a flowery camisole, it gives us an air of "little girl almost wise", duet with a ball skirt, it shifts our party dress. In short, we love it and if we could we wear it every day!

How to choose? For your first purchase, bet on a classic model with a V-neck, which offers more possibilities of assortments, clears the neck and highlights the feminine throats. You prefer a basic color: black, gray or blue to be sure to wear it with other colors. We avoid models a little too elastic at the bottom so they do not go back too much above our belly button! You do not choose it too big or too large so that it does not turn into a garment that you put on when you're cold in your country house!

Ideas + :

  • A Jane Birkin: the singer Oh so British has created a real style with his jeans tired and a sweater in cashmere XL in mineral tones and a large V neckline.
  • We protect his child sweater by forbidding him to machine spin more than 600 turns. At best, it is entrusted to its dyer and at worst, it is washed by hand in the cold (no more than 30 °), it is then rolled in a towel and then lay flat to dry.
  • To play it funky in the evening, you put it upside down: the deep V-neck reveals our pretty back.
Our favorite
We are pleased to offer ourselves the reference when it comes to cashmere : the sweater V ultra end of Eric Bompard.
It exists in 7 colors: 182 euros

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