June 10, 2023

My ideal dressing room: the little black dress

Did you know ? If you like browsing the Anglo-Saxon fashion magazines, do not be surprised to discover the acronym LBD; it simply means Little Black Dress (Editor's note "Small black dressThis garment has become so indispensable to any self-respecting fashionista that he has inherited an official acronym!

His advantages As everyone knows, black goes with everything and thins. In addition, a dress saves a lot of time when in a hurry: no need to find a top that goes with it. It brings a touch of chic and glamor without seeming. You can wear it at the office, at a party or even for a brunch. She's just perfect!

How to choose it ? We avoid the cheap and sparkling materials and we favor the matte aspect that suits all occasions. We put on simplicity: the famous form "3 holes" and we prefer a length above the knee. And because we will keep it very, very long, we do not take too tight ... History to leave a small margin to our possible future roundness!

The + of the redaction:

  • To shine in the evening, play with accessories: a pearl necklace for a look Diamonds on sofa, dizzying heels and silver ... Everything is possible!
  • To ensure the office: slip a white shirt to look like the heroine of the series Damages.
  • For a trip with friends: put on a high-necked under-pull under the dress and put on your legs with a nice pair of boots.

Our favorite
For her 25th birthday, Kookaï wanted to pay homage to this unavoidable garment by launching a collection of 10 models of black dresses and for all tastes. From 75 to 130? //www.kookai.fr/

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