November 28, 2022

My man has breakdowns: what to do?

What is a breakdown?
A breakdown is characterized by the impossibility of obtaining a erection important enough to be able to practice penetration.
It may also be characterized by difficulty in maintaining a erection rigid.

The causes
The causes of sexual breakdowns can be various:
Psychological: stress, fatigue, anxiety or depression can be the cause of sexual breakdowns. Indeed the brain plays a lot on the libido and theerection. If your man does not mind that, he will not be able to free his mind and ensure during your antics.
Physical: diabetes, a reaction to a drug, a deficiency or excess of hormones and cardiovascular disease can affect theerection.

The solutions
The most important thing in this case is the dialogue, the communication in the couple. It is necessary to play down the situation so that it does not last too long. The less you attach importance and blame your spouse, the faster failures will stop. The risk in this case is to enter a vicious circle, if your spouse has a lack of confidence in him and he feels disturbed by this situation, it will be more difficult to regain his insurance. Reassure him that you understand and that he should not put any pressure on himself. Discuss with him what might be causing it and try to find a solution together.
If the problem persists, suggest that you choose a drug solution. If viagra, the famous blue pill is the most popular solution, there are other treatments for the disorders of theerection. Encourage him to check with his doctor or pharmacist, or if he is a little embarrassed, on the internet. Many forums address this problem but also blogs sexologist, like that of Catherine Solano (//

Testimony of Blandine, 35 years old

When did your boyfriend get out of trouble?
It happened last month. All was well with our couple and one night, impossible for him to me make love.

What was his reaction?
He was very bad, he got up and went to isolate himself in the living room. When I found him, he was really depressed. It had never happened to him and he was ashamed.

And how did you react?
Pretty good. For me, it was not serious. Girlfriends had already encountered this kind of problem and we talked about it. I knew it was only passenger.

Is the problem solved today?
Yes, we have discussed a lot. I comforted him by showing him that despite that I still had some desire for him. After a week everything was normal again.

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