June 9, 2023

My man is having a nervous pregnancy, how to react?

During your pregnancy, Chouchou feels symptoms similar to yours: dizziness, morning sickness, hot flashes ... For some time, it's as if he was "pregnant". Your man is probably doing a pregnancy nervous, also known as "couvade".
If there is one sign that does not deceive, it is the weight gain. His belly rounds from month to month, just like yours. With the difference that you give birth and lose the pounds accumulated during the pregnancy, unlike your man, for whom it will be more complicated.
Certainly, the couvade is of psychological origin. In turn, your man will experience what you feel: moodiness, cravings, etc. But his hormones will also evolve. According to some studies, the testosterone level will drop while that of prolactin (the hormone of lactation) would increase.
To know, the couvade can also take the form of a succession of minor diseases: gastro, angina, rhino, etc.

Why is Chouchou "pregnant"?
It may be jealousy or a desire to restore balance in the couple. A woman pregnant is entitled to many small touches while the dad is often neglected. Sometimes it is for the father to empathize with his wife, and to understand his suffering. In other cases, the weight gain reflects a desire to become a father "physically", having a larger size.
Be that as it may, the couvade expresses a will to invest deeply in the role of father. No wonder that this phenomenon especially affects men who are very involved in the pregnancy their wife and look forward to the coming of baby.

How to react ?
Get your man involved in your pregnancy. The more he feels away, the more he will want to be noticed by falling sick or having sudden cravings endive. Put him to work, ask him to massage you and take over at home. Above all, do not forget to congratulate him. Also think about buying him a book on the pregnancy explained to the dads. As for preparation for childbirth, prefer the haptonomy that includes your man and allows him to get in touch with your baby.
Also, do not make fun of him. Do not forget that like all men, Chouchou has trouble expressing his feelings. The couvade is therefore for him a means of externalizing what he does not dare to tell you. Your man is both happy and anxious, he sees your body transform, he attends your contractions, helpless. He does not always know how to react but wants to show you that he is present with you for this great adventure.
The couvade, like the pregnancy, to an end. Your couple give birth together. After all, is not this a wonderful proof of love?