May 28, 2024

My pregnancy week by week: week 11

Your heart beats faster from 6 to 8 beats per minute. Your kidneys are very busy too and it's really the time when you have to drink a lot of water. It's also for your babythe period of bone formation, which means that it will take from you all that is necessary for its growth; you must therefore take into account by feeding you correctly, in a healthy and varied way respecting the contributions of calcium, proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary.
Continue non-violent sports and try the pool, you can do many movements in the water effortlessly! At the level of your figure, your belly rounds and you can, feeling, feel your uterus whose shape approaches a grapefruit.

Your baby
For his eleventh week, baby weighs about 28 g (90% of which is water) and measures more than 8 cm from the head to the heels. The first bones develop in his body, including the pelvis and ribs. The intestine is too long for the abdominal cavity and it enters the umbilical cord. All vital organs are formed and some are already functioning. On the face, the nostrils are open and the chin is formed now.
All exchanges between your baby and you are done by the placenta connected by the umbilical cord. Your baby at your own heart rate, but if you're stressed or upset, the adrenaline, which rises in your blood, is transmitted through the placenta at the heart of your heart. baby, accelerating his heart rate. More you are Zen and more baby will be ...

And the future dad?
He finally discovered his baby, listened to his heart ... It was a great moment of emotion for both of us. He is trying to touch your belly to feel the thrills of life, but for the moment, baby is too small yet ...

Good to know
At this stage, in principle there is almost no risk of miscarriage.

Health Notebook / Exam Notepad
Nothing in particular.

Notepad formalities
You must report your pregnancy to your employer. The sooner it is the better to allow to calmly organize your replacement.
If you are looking for a job, you are not required to report your pregnancy to your future employer when signing the contract.

Our advices
Weigh yourself regularly, just to control that your weight gain is normal.

Pregnancy | First Trimester: Week 11 | (May 2024)