August 16, 2022

My pregnancy week by week: week 19

Baby has enlarged and your uterus by increasing volume moves the abdominal mass upwards, compresses the diaphragm and reduces the space of the ribcage. This phenomenon associated with the fact that you release carbon dioxide for two, because of the excess work of your body, causes a breathlessness that will further increase. You can have glare at this time, it does not matter and it is the consequence of the higher level of carbon dioxide in your blood.

Your baby
During the 19th week, your baby has gained weight and weighs approximately 350 g. It measures approximately 21.5 cm from the head to the heels. As of this week, he sleeps from 16 to 20 hours on 24. He presents alternating phases of sleep light and sleep deep. When he is awake, he makes some flip-flops and unfortunately for you, his phases of sleep do not necessarily coincide with yours. It is now evolving in an amniotic cavity of 500 cm3, drinks more and more fluids and may have hiccups. He is able to join his hands and feet and play with his umbilical cord.
His immune system begins to develop.

And the future dad?
He begins to ask you when will be the second mandatory ultrasound, to block the date in his agenda. He wants to know more about babyto see him move ... in short, he would be almost impatient ...

Good to know
Avoid compensating for the weight of your stomach by throwing yourself back, which can trigger back pain.

Health Notebook / Exam Notepad
Nothing in particular.
Notepad formalities
Nothing in particular.

Our advices
This is the time to avoid physical exertion and start practicing the breathing exercises that will be useful during childbirth. Abdominal breathing can help you improve your oxygenation.

19 Weeks Pregnant: Watch the 19th Week of Your Pregnancy (August 2022)