August 16, 2022

My pregnancy week by week: week 28

Ask yourself to practice, in addition to the preparation that you follow at the maternity ward, a technique that will teach you to relax and learn how to approach contractions by relaxing as much as possible.

All your organs work more. Your uterus takes an important place and spreads the last ribs, raising your diaphragm. You are out of breath more easily. You may notice some colostrum losses that result in yellow spots on your bra. If you squeeze the tip of your breasts, you can see drops of this stuff. Your breasts are already ready for breastfeeding, if you wish. You may also notice circulatory problems, take cold showers on the legs.

Your baby
At twenty-eight weeks, your baby weighs about 1,150 kg and measures about 35 cm from the head to the heels. Your baby softly rounds up, taking up more space in your uterus. His breathing movements are coordinated and regular, they become less frequent. If it's a boy, his testicles descend into the groin.

And the future dad?
Associate it with a dialogue with this baby by offering him haptonomy sessions, practiced by a doctor specialized in this technique. He will learn, with you, to dialogue with baby, by the only contact of the hands on the wall of your abdomen. This technique puts you in direct contact with baby, which will gradually respond to your requests. In addition, this touch releases all internal tensions and acts on the body tone. This experience is unforgettable!

Good to know
Early in the day, you feel a little weak because your baby draw on your reserves. So it's quite normal, crunch an apple, eat a yogurt, to find a little energy until the meal. If you notice any blood loss, check with your doctor soon as the placenta may be inserted very close to the cervix. If this is the case, the doctor will check the cervix and may prescribe an extended rest, until the date of thedelivery.

Health Notebook / Exam Notepad
Nothing in particular.

Notepad formalities
Nothing in particular.

Our advices
Take care of yourself: breathing, relaxation, fresh showers on the legs, impromptu small naps ... even if your baby causes more discomfort by its movements, you feel it live and grow in you. Give him peace, be happy, talk to him and start organizing his children's room or make him a place in your room for his first weeks.

What to Expect During Your 28th Week of Pregnancy - Heather Taggart, MD - CHI Health (August 2022)