April 17, 2024

My pregnancy week by week: week 38

Loose joints in the pelvis can cause tugging and pain.

Your baby
At 38 weeks, your baby weighs approximately 3,300 kg and measures approximately 50 cm from the head to the heels. Baby is ready for the birtha heart-lung circuit is established for the blood circulation. Bone marrow now makes red blood cells. And from birththe pulmonary alveoli unfold.
And the future dad?
He too has trouble keeping patience. He inquired about all the signs announcing thedelivery. If your contractions start to become clearer, it will simply warn your loved ones that the work is starting and you will soon leave for the maternity. In case of water loss, if you do not want to leave because of the pain, it is he who will take things in hand.
Good to know
The more effective the contractions, the more they correspond to the hardening of the uterus and announce the true work of the birth. It does not go without pain, so breathe and learn to relax between contractions. If you are afraid of losing water in the street, wear a sanitary napkin.
Health Notebook / Exam Notepad
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Notepad formalities
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Our advices
If you do not feel your baby move, consult your doctor to make sure he is not suffering. If you have regular contractions and it's your first delivery, get ready for about 7 hours of work. Do not go to maternity only when the contractions are more painful, especially if it is close. If you are taking a taxi or an ambulance, remember to ask for an invoice to get you reimbursed by Social Security.

Your 38th Week of Pregnancy (April 2024)