August 15, 2022

My slim jeans and me ... and my boyfriend

No, but traveling light means what for a guy? Jeans, a shirt and underpants? Because for girls, it's not the same story. First, you do not know where you will go, so question look, not easy to decide. And what's more, any self-respecting modern woman must carry a lot of things to display a radiant and "natural" mine. It's funny, these guys!

Our prescription : basic mat and all terrain (asphalt sidewalks as the dancefloor track), we put again on the slim, which will allow us to make room to slip fresh tops, festive blouses, ballerinas and other stilettos (that's just for the clothes, eh!). The other ally can also be the blazer jacket, go everywhere, at the restaurant as in ballad. Come on, we'll manage to get half of our dressing in this bag 48h!

Our shopping:
Carven jacket, 360?
Blouse Topshop, 38?
Jeans New Cure A.P.C., 135? on
Tod's moccasins, 290?
Travel kit Lanvin, 295?
Lingerie set Stella McCartney, 150? and 65?
Lingerie set H & M, 24.95?
48h shopping bag Topshop, about 40? sure

FASHION GUIDE TO JEANS | How To Style The Boyfriend, Skinny, Mom & Frayed Lookbook (August 2022)