August 4, 2020

My slim jeans and me ... to go to a concert

A live scene is a bit like a festival. Nothing to do with a Bercy at the Johnny Hallyday! And even if you are not in the slush, you still venture into a smoky place, smelling and splashing with sweat. Where the beer too, could well tip over you if your backyard neighbors do not stop their POGO right now! But it feels good, from time to time, to get dirty a little, to find his 17 years, and to go to party, elsewhere than disco perched on heels of 12! The truth: a week before the concert, you already feel 10 years younger. And that's good, considering the 10 years you will take the next day when you wake up.

Our prescription: the difference between the groupies of 15 years and us? The wallet, let's see. Much more garni than formerly. But aside from that, little has changed. To be cool without doing the old-who-takes-for-a-young ("but they are insolent young people today! Me, in my day ..."), we bet on a look slim + T-shirt + boots + small leather or blazer. And if you really insist, you can wear the T-shirt with the effigy of the group.


Our shopping:
Isabel Marant woolen biker jacket, 272? on sale on
Pink Floyd Topshop t-shirt, about 20? on
Jeans New Cure A.P.C., 135? sure
Envelope pocket Zara, 79.95? sure
Celine leather boots, 415? on sale on

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