October 25, 2021

My teen wants to be vegetarian, what to do?

Vegetarian, why?
The question may seem obvious, and yet it is important to talk with him to understand his approach. Without going so far as to force you to eat steak tartare, assume that your teenager seeks to assert his maturity: choosing his food is indeed a symbol of autonomy. It does not mean that it is irreversible or that it rejects your eating habits. So start the discussion and you will surely see more clearly.
The growth of my teenager in danger?
His new diet scares you, your teens are in need of high nutritional intake, and deficiencies in this period of life could be harmful. Good news for you, vegetarianism poses no danger to your teen's health, and may even be a real boon thanks to the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables which prevent many cardiovascular diseases. If in doubt, talk to your doctor.
Some simple rules to help him
Define together the rules to follow so that it lacks nothing: each meal must include legumes (lentils, quinoa) and cereals (complete if possible) to ensure sufficient protein intake. Eggs are also recommended, but if he refuses to eat them, advise him about tofu and soy products. Also indispensable are dairy products for building up bone capital, as well as fruits and vegetables for their contribution of vitamins and minerals.