April 17, 2024

Name boy: Nathan, Lucas and Leo, the winning trio for boys

There should be many Nathan, Lucas and Leo in nurseries or school yards in the next few years. And for good reason, these are the three first names the most awarded to the little boys according to the list of L'Officiel des first names published by First editions on Wednesday. For the second year in a row, Nathan is the first name the most given to boys, and is at the top of the list of first names of Hebrew origin. We find Gabriel (6th), Raphael (12th), Noah (15th) and Adam (18th) in the Top 20.

The first names Lucas and Leo are so close Nathan, Leo being the first name boy who has seen the most impressive progression in the Top 20 this year. The first name in "el" are also imposed more and more, led by Mael (13th).

At the heart of this Top 20, as for the first names feminine, we are witnessing a mixture of

with some first names retroactive (Clement in twentieth position), and first names modern (Tom in fourteenth place and Nolan in nineteenth position).

To know the first names most fashionable boy, find very soon the Top 20 in full.


"The Officials first names 2013 "- Stéphanie Rapoport - First Editions - 580 pp. - 19.95?



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