June 10, 2023

Nanouche, 55: "we kissed like teenagers ..."

"It was a year ago in Cuba. On the bus that took us to the hotel, while I was accompanied, my eyes had man attractive, a priori younger than me.
One night with Travelers we took a midnight swim. We returned to the hotel all dripping, I met him, he was returning from an excursion. He looked at me and said "shame, I would have come with you". As I liked it a lot, I told him "chick we go back", the others did not follow. My friend had gone to bed for a long time.
We bathed naked. We started playing in the water and there, he kissed me, telling me that since the beginning of the trip he had noticed me, but that as I was accompanied, he had not dared to accost me. We lay on the sand. Looking back I'm still on a little cloud, what a romanticism, a beautiful moonlight, palm trees ... we kissed like teenagers. He whispered sweet and tender words, kept repeating my name. At the age of 54, for the first time in my life, I was making love on the beach tenderly man ten years my junior. The dream !
We returned to the hotel kissing constantly. I did not dare go join him in his room the other nights. Yet, we cast glances that said a lot about our desires. At the airport in Cuba, while we had escaped to smoke a cigarette, he told me that he had waited for me every night, that our story could not end like this and that he wanted to see me again. . We managed to exchange our contact details. At Orly, my friend pressed me and I could not even say goodbye.
In my head and in my body I felt a great sadness, as if I came out of a fabulous dream.
I told the truth toman who accompanied me to Cuba and I broke up.
I dared not call him for fear that he said to me "well my old, it was only for the holidays". But no, he reminded me, we saw each other again, it was always so romantic. It lasted 9 months. I often think of him, I have lived the most romantic story of my life. We left each other because of our age difference and especially because I gained weight and was afraid of his eyes, but I regret it. "

NONO & CARINA VOL.2 (June 2023)