October 25, 2021

Natalie Portman at the Oscars 2011: a consecrated beauty

Draped in a mauve dress that put her little pregnant belly in value, Natalie Portman received Sunday night the sacrosanct statuette crowning a career. It is for her sublime role in Black Swan that the young woman has been rewarded, and it is all cute and well brought up that she displayed with her Benjamin to receive his prize.


Deciphering her beauty look


of the hair Angel: Natalie Portmanaime hairstyles modern and very feminine like this tie that brings together half of hair of the actress. The locks were slightly curly and blondish for more light, while the other part of the hair is held by a large bar. Small flat for his earring that looks like pompoms curtains my aunt ...


As for makeup, the bellea once again matched her colors with her dress. Lips, cheekbones and light smoky eye match perfectly (too much?) With the mauve of her draped dress. A rather punchy make up look that awakens her doll complexion.


A nice evening for Natalie Portman who is still the first in the class of the look!


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