June 23, 2021

Natalie Portman vs. Blake Lively: the war of the muses

In two days, two muses ... rarely the transfer window of luxury has been so prolix. Sign of the good health of fashion houses, they do not hesitate to take out the checkbook to offer the services the hottest stars of the moment. After Charlize Theron at Dior, or Vanessa Paradis at Chanel, Dior and Chanel have done very hard in attracting the services of Blake Lively and Natalie Portman, two of the most prominent stars of the moment. The cartonne with the series Gossip Girl to the point that the garment marks make her eyes soft; the other is on Darren Aronovsky's Black Swan show and is unanimous in style on red carpet ...
Match of style: the models
If we compare often Blake Lively a Grace Kelly, a reference to a headband and a racy look; editors often refer to Audrey Hepburn as speaking of Natalie Portman. Two icons, two style!
Match of styles: friends
In the camp of Blake Lively, many known friends: Christian Louboutin who has dedicated a shoe (grrr the lucky) but also Ann Wintour who took her under his wing. In Natalie Portman, the taste goes more towards avant-gardism: on red carpet she is faithful to Rodarte, Lanvin or Marchesa.
Match of style: style
If in Gossip Girl, Serena has everything from the BCBG girl of the upper east side, in life, Blake Lively is a fan of pantsuit and mini dress.
As for Natalie Portman, it puts its silhouette and shoulders in value by choosing strapless dresses, usually very mini!

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