June 23, 2024

Nathalie, 31 years old, mother of Perrine, 4 1/2 months

I found the package, simple, practical and quite sober, if not too much. Easy, the opening system is used with one hand, and the wipes come out one by one with a snap. I find them light, sweet, delicately scented and taken only for the change. To tell you the truth, I did not think I could wipe his face with it. I used them a dozen days and it remains full.
The wipes stay moist if you close the lid. However, for the zip system of the refill, would not it be possible to place a piece of rigid plastic that would close the package faster? My husband does not like it at all. He says it's not for men (they also change babies).
In general, the quality is there. I am very satisfied and I have already recommended this product to a friend. My rating: 9/10

Sunshine Cleaning - Theatrical Trailer (High Quality) (June 2024)