September 21, 2023

Nathan and Emma still top favorite names for 2014

you will have a baby in 2014 ? Do you know how you are going to call him? The Officials first names comes in any case to unveil his annual work which includes among others his ranking of first names the most trendy. We thus find the first names which will be popular in the coming year.
In girls, Emma remains the first name acclaimed by parents. Indeed, it's been ten consecutive years that he finds himself at the top of this top. The first names Lola and Chloe arrive just behind, respectively in second and third place. Note that Lina entered the top 10 while the first name was only 15th last year.
Find the top 10 girls names trends in 2014
On the boys side, same story. The top trio remains unchanged. Nathan is the first name favorite and beat Lucas in second place and Leo in third. Overall, the top 10 looks a lot like last year but some first names make a nice comeback like Gabriel.
Find the top 10 names boys trends in 2014
other first names also start to gain places in the rankings. For girls, this is the case of Léonie, Lilye, Adele, Zelie, Mila, Apolline (and all its spelling variants) or the original Inaya. For boys, first names Aaron, Gabin, Robin, Eden and Camille gain ground. Overall, we realize that first names short are always on the rise. The first names Classics remain among the favorite choices. The endings in "o" for boys and "a" for girls also retain their interest.


The Officials first names, Editions First.


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