May 23, 2022

Natural care: we tested for you the house of Dr. Hauschka

An invitation to travel
All you have to do is cross the courtyard and walk through the door to feel already far away from the bustle of Paris. Yet the place is nestled in the heart of Paris. A strategic place for a short getaway (or long, according to schedule) in the world of natural beauty.
The few minutes before the treatment are saving: feng shui atmosphere, shy songs of birds, Zen music ... Everything is done to offer a break from relaxation and forget the urban stress that preceded the moment.
A place faithful to Dr. Hauschka's philosophy
First office then workshop a little dilapidated ... It was necessary to work with several architects to propose this Zen atmosphere in accordance with the philosophy of the brand: the respect of the human being and the nature. "The place is 100% green Explains Claudine Reinhard, Managing Director Wala France. "We are very attentive to the origin of the materials, to limit the energy consumption, to choose paintings and natural sources of energy. "
Feng Shui atmosphere
Slate wall fountain, carefully selected decoration and placed in strategic places by pure concern of harmony ... Everything was thought to invite to the trip and to the relaxation and to feel immediately taken away elsewhere. So successful that I refrain from asking where the materials come from to renovate my own interior!
The streams that run through the site remind us of the flow of energy and echo the care, "also based on the rebalancing of energies and deep relaxation Continues Claudine Reinhard.
Plénitude care, or the art of touch

Without doubt one of the most complete care of the map. Once in the cabin, the bio esthetician (that's how they are called) offers me a foot bath with sage, ideal to forget to my toes the way to go on the frozen bitumen. Then we go for two hours of facial care, neck and décolleté: make-up removal, cleaning with steam bath and purifying mask (with the products Dr. Hauschka, of course!), effleurages feet, legs and arms, relaxation movements, lymphatic stimulation ... Not to mention the application of intensive care complex, a restorative mask and a neck massage. Lymphatic stimulation is practiced with the help of fine paintbrushes, in total silence to encourage letting go.

As a great observer, I notice that the gestures of the bio esthetician are soft, precise, without being content to touch. "Every bio esthetician follows a precise formation ", explains Claudine Reinhard. "The gestures must not be superficial. The tissues must be grasped, lifted to make them breathe and promote the rhythm and circulation of the energies in the body. We enter the tissues so that the skin is harmonized by itself."

Successful experience! These two hours of care (which still pass too quickly!) Have eliminated toxins and strengthen my immune system. A real shield against the cold!

After a last day care, I am offered a final touch of makeup option. But I feel so purified that it would be wrong not to let my skin breathe until the next morning.
Plénitude treatment, 2h, 145?
The house of Dr. Hauschka, 39 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris
Such. : 01 43 55 40 55
For a follow-up, we advise you, in the range Dr. Hauschka :
Purifying cream (to apply in the shower on a slightly damp skin, not circular movements, and then rinse well), 12.50?
Soothing lotion for the eyes, 20,50?
Fluid eye cream, 26?
Light cream of rose (for sensitive skins, dry tendency), 21,50?
On sale in natural and health food stores, specialized pharmacies, department stores in Paris and Dr.Hauschka bio-beauticians.
Acknowledgments: Claudine Reinhard, Executive Director Wala France, and the team from Maison du Dr. Hauschka

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