September 19, 2020

Naughty gifts: with sex toys, the party is more crazy!

Are you no longer your first naughty toy? Appointment (alone or with the person concerned) in a sex shop or inquire on the Internet to discover the latest news. The sex toys are becoming more popular and new models are swarming. You know the preferences of your man, it's up to you to see if you want to do original or classic ...

This is a first: until then, you have never tested the sex toys ? You know that your jules are not against this idea ... Let go! After all, you have nothing to lose, except a few euros. Once the gift is offered, comes the time to test it ... If the experience does not please you, go to the next idea. If, on the contrary, this toy makes you its "small" effect, so much the better, you have tens left to test!

Which sex toy to choose?

First possibility: offer him an object he will use to get your desire. Some men love to raise the excitement of their partner, it is a real fantasy. Vibrator, dildo, geisha balls: the list is long. The models, sizes, colors, materials vary and offer you different sensations.

Second option: choose a toy that is directly for him. Because yes, contrary to what one can think, the sex toys for heterosexual men exist! However, they are less numerous than those reserved for women. Some examples...

The "cockring" or penis ring, (vibrating or non-vibrating), will offer new sensations to your other half. Some rings can also delay male ejaculation or even stimulate your clitoris (thanks to an extension).

The "stimulating pump" (or pump masturbator) has the shape of a thick tube and can be vibrating or simply aspirating. If you happen to offer you small pleasure solitary, ladies, why not him?

The "sheath" is placed on the axis of the penis, in order to stimulate both partners during penetration. Sometimes with bumps, pimples or hollows, it can provide a lot of pleasure.

Whichever one you choose, do not deprive yourself of these little gadgets that boost your libido and give you the opportunity to be creative!

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