August 16, 2022

Neurotic Singles Woody Allen with Naomi Watts

In thirty-somethings neurotic mode, but never without stilettos.
Not in competition, but projected during Cannes film festival 2010, You will meet a tall dark stranger, the new and highly anticipated Woody Allen. Against a background of mystery, a young woman a little desperate (Naomi Watts), consults a clairvoyant who announces to her: "You will meet a tall dark stranger". So enigmatic, but funny and always complex. Of Woody Allen tortured and torturing, just as we like it.
In this film, nothing extravagant about fashion, but the great capital style pure juice, closer to reality than dressing-dreams-Carrie Bradshaw. Not far from the Parisienne, whom she considers as her equal, the capitalist, whether she is London or New York, without falling into the cliché, is this very cosmopolitan intellectual, half connected to the brink of nerve crisis (big city), who runs his day, from his exciting but exhausting job, to the opening of the latest artist in fashion in Brooklyn or Soho. Her dressing oscillates between the essentials of chic and designer pieces she loves, especially the shoes (the fault with neuroses!)

My thirty-year-old neurotic capital vision:
Probably the same as yours. Let's mention: Sarah Jessica Parker in the city, Chloé Sévigny, Sofia Coppola, or even Zoé Cassavetes (see the excellent Broken English). Big dark glasses -because no makeup in the day, cocoon-like trench coat, Starbucks in hand -the alarm clock is hard when we get back from Brooklyn- and all that stuffed on it - it hurts, but she will not admit it never.

Dr Mode's prescription:
Parisiennes, be less snobs and dare a blouse cotton unbranded. For all others, it's mix and match, between basic low prices and more couture pieces. The detail in: the small leather bag, very urban, but printed tribal, a trend that we will love all summer and next winter.


The shopping of the editorial ':
Liberty printed shirt, A.P.C., 135?
Aviator Sunglasses, Ray Ban, 139?
Trench, Top shop, about 80?
Jeans, Stella McCartney, 99? on
Tribal printed leather bag, Asos, 75?
Sandals, Asos, 45? sure