January 24, 2021

New autumn 2012 fragrances: the gourmands

- Viva the Juicy Flower, Juicy Couture
A mischievous, mischievous and addictive fragrance around a sparkling floral bouquet that echoes the whirlwind of first love. A luminous juice with gourmand fruity notes that combines notes of tangerine, berries and a jasmine accord Sambac and Honeysuckle pearl dew. Like a satin ribbon, the petals of gardenia associated with the sweetness of the water lilies bring an infinite delicacy on a background with accents of Vanilla and Caramel.
Eau de Toilette 40ml: 49? 75ml: 69? ; 150ml: 98 euros
- Blackberry & Bay, Jo Malone
The English house presents a perfume memories of childhood, blackberry hunt and gluttony. The tangy juice of blackberries and sparkling grapefruit combines the freshness of freshly picked berries, tempered with delicate flowers. Playful and tender, the fragrance is based on a bed of brambles of vetiver, cedar wood and laurel that break the sweet side to bring the elegance of a unique and timeless escape.
Eau de toilette 100ml, 88?
- Catch Me, Cacharel
A hide and seek to catch me if you can for this joyful fragrance that starts with a zest of citrus fusing. The Italian mandarin is followed closely by the absolute orange blossom whose roundness responds to a carnal almond milk highlighted by sensual amber woods that end up giving this gluttony flask its playful facet.
Water of Perfume, 30ml: 43,50? ; 50ml: 61.50? ; 80ml: 81?
- Pleats Please, Issey Miyake
Like his colorful and playful fashion, symbol of freedom of movement, Issey Miyake wanted to create a juice embodying the joy of living in its purest form. For that, a bouquet of peony coordinates and gathers around him the most optimistic fruity notes like that of the nashi, between the apple and the pear and the vanilla which embraces and sugar the wake. A perfume who laughs and flies away with joy on the skin.
Eau de Toilette, 30ml: 42? ; 50ml: 58? ; 100ml: 87?
- Dot, Marc Jacobs
Released this summer, the perfume happily pass the cape of the return thanks to its charming frivolity and its taste for a welcome fantasy at the approach of the first frost. The juice is cheerful and opens with a symphony of red berries, dragon fruit and honeysuckle and then bloom in a floral and fruity harmony where jasmine, orange blossom and coconut water blend. Final bouquet of vanilla, musk and driftwood for a mischievous wake in his ladybug bottle.
30 ml 42.40? ; 50 ml: 57.00? ; 100 ml: 78.60?
- Life is Beautiful, Lancôme
Tribute to the joy of life and feminine fulfillment, this novelty is the successful bet to combine the noble iris in its buttered form to a sweet patchouli in a greedy agreement combining cassis, pear, praline and vanilla. Incarnated by a Julia Roberts all smiles, the perfume carries in its heart a more classic duo of jasmine sambac and orange blossom.
Water of perfume, 30ml: 53? ; 50ml: 75? ; 75ml: 93?

SADLY Discontinued Gourmand Fragrances (January 2021)