February 29, 2024

New magazines land on TFOU

TFOU of Animals ... the series to know everything about your favorite animals

Check out the new animal magazine, titled Animal TFOU, which is produced by 2P2L. This is a series of 20x5'30 that offers reports on children passionate about a domestic or wild animal, advice from veterinarians or unusual images ... Animal TFOU is a concentrate of friendship, beautiful stories of sharing and adventures unpublished.


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There is TFOU of Animals but also TFOU of games to discover games from the end of the world

The spectator will be able to discover new cultures through a universal custom: the game. Produced by Ah! Production, this new 20x2'30 magazine puts on each episode a game and a country. Indoor or outdoor, from the Americas, Asia or Europe, all games are easy to understand for children aged 7 to 10 years old. These games can be reproduced at home.

Do not miss TFOU Pitch, call for projects

TFOU launches in April TFOU Pitch, a call for projects open to all forms of writing and to new talents and partners such as producers, authors or web agencies ... Candidates will have to design and co-produce an event game and original for children from 6 to 10 years old. The goal is to make a project fun, simple, effective, loyal and especially crazy ...

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Sherlock Yack, did you find the culprit?

TFOU is offering children an enriched TV experience with the arrival of Sherlock Yack, Mondo TV's new animated series (52x13 minutes). Every week, the children will discover on the site TFOU.FR the beginning of an unprecedented episode of Sherlock Yack.

At the end of the sequence, they will be invited to play to select the culprit among three possible suspects. Suspense and exchange of clues for a week. The culprit will be revealed on the air.

For the holidays, TFOU also organizes a lot of games contest. To discover them, click here


BARBAPAPA - Dessin animé - Episode 1 "La naissance de Barbapapa" (February 2024)