May 28, 2024

New moms, torn by their responsibilities

A few weeks ago, we were echoing a study by P & G on the evolution of the traditional role of mothers in society. Today, we now know that moms are true pillars of the family, acting in turn as mothers, companions and active women, sometimes forgetting to spend time with them alone. It must be said that according to a survey conducted in 2011, the main concern of French mothers is to reconcile their professional activity and their life. family.

Tired moms
But is this equilibrium easily attainable? Not so sure if we believe P & G's study that moms feel most often torn between their responsibilities. Thus, 86% of French mothers would feel guilty by finding that they simply can not share their time equitably between their jobs and their jobs. children. However, today, it is that it is a mother bloomed according to the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Serge Héfez: "the secret of fulfillment lies largely in living in the present moment, in living every moment of our existence". A mum fulfilled would be simply a woman who knows how to take time for her work, for her family and for her, unscrupulous and in all fairness.

Moms connected
To achieve this balance, European mothers have significant support today. Their own mother, others moms or their companion are always privileged advisers. But there is a new phenomenon, especially among French mothers, who will gladly seek advice and support on social networks, communities or online forums. This phenomenon of spontaneous connection has led to the emergence of "Digital mums", these moms who have at least one child who connect at least once a week to the Internet. In Europe, French women won the prize of attendance representing 14% of moms Europeans to connect to find advice.

Isolated moms
When mothers are not torn between their professional activity and their life of familythey have to face an additional paradox: to want to assume all their responsibilities without asking anyone for help. Mother and mother-in-law may offer support, young people moms active will make a point of emancipation. As a result, they find themselves all the more isolated. In this context, the role of the man, the father, obviously also evolved. More involved in the life of familyFrench dads spend 34 minutes of their time doing household chores andeducation of the children. A figure that corresponds to the lowest average in Europe when Danish fathers spend 64 minutes daily on these activities.

Moms fulfilled
Admittedly, the economic context has made the role of moms more difficult, but today they are aware of having gained even more freedom and autonomy than their own mother. If French mothers cite the 80s as the best decade to be mum, the 2000s remain the most popular decade for 33% of moms European. In spite of a sometimes wobbly balance, the young mothers do not hesitate to plebiscite their time, the one where they could show the example to their cherubim, proving that they did their best to reconcile their professional activity and the time spent with them.
* Study conducted with 10,000 moms in 13 European countries

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