May 28, 2024

New youth series dethrones Harry Potter in the United States

On the lineage of the saga Harry Potter J.K Rowling, another youth series is currently raging in the United States. The three volumes of Bella's adventures, Fascination, Temptation and Hesitation, of Stephanie Meyer also know a notable success in France with over 40,000 copies sold for the first two books. The third component, Hesitation, number one overseas sales ahead Harry Potter, will be published on November 7th by Hachette Jeunessse.

Sixteen-year-old Bella decided to leave Phoenix to settle with her father, the Forks police chief in a small town in Washington State. In his high school in Forks, his eyes are drawn to a boy, Edward Cullen whose beauty seems almost unreal. The growing passion between them, Bella understands that Edward and his family are not human.

Stephenie Meyer aptly and aptly tells the relationship between the two protagonists, Bella and Edward, a vampire with surprising powers. Young heroes, who live a captivating love story, must fight and circumvent many pitfalls in their path.

Like Harry Potter, whose success is not to be proven, Bella is an endearing heroine, a simple, tolerant and generous teenager who lives in an extraordinary environment. "I have always admired the ability of some authors to create a totally imaginary and offbeat environment, while portraying characters so deeply human that they make the situation seem likely, and I have tried to create the same impossible reality in this world. novel"says the author, Stephenie Meyer offers her series.

In the third installment of the series, Hesitation, Bella is facing doubt. She must choose between Edward and Jacob, an impossible dilemma.

In the United States, the publisher Megan Tingley Books celebrated this summer the million copies sold for the third volume. The first three parts of the series total more than three million copies. Last September, the three volumes of Stephenie Meyer closely followed the book at the head of sales, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in the ranking of best-selling fiction. According to the latest sales figures of USA Today and Wall Street Journal, the third volume of the series has advanced Harry Potter 7 with more than one million copies sold in three months.

In France, the series already knows a certain success. The first volume, published 2 years ago. sold nearly 30,000 copies while the second part, released in 2006, has sold more than 20,000 copies.

Fascination (Twilight) should be adapted soon to the cinema. The rights to the series were purchased by Summit Entertainment for a shoot that will begin in January 2008. The production will be directed to Catherine Hardwicke based on a script by Melissa Rosenberg. Filming will take place in Vancouver, Canada. The casting has not been established yet.

Stephenie Meyer, Hesitation
Release: November 7
Hachette Jeunesse
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