August 15, 2022

Nick Cassavetes' Alpha Dog

The fifth movie screenwriter Nick Cassavetes, Alpha Dog, comes out in DVD Thursday 8 November next.
In revenge for Jack, who owes him money, Johnny and his friends kidnap his little brother Zack. During a three-day trip, the hostage gradually becomes a member of the group. Under the pressure of his father and chased by the police, the situation completely escapes Johnny. The trip turns quickly into a nightmare.
After She's so lovely (1997) or John Q (2002), Nick Cassavetes signs a feature film on American youth and the group effect. Based on real facts, Alpha Dog follows a bunch of friends from the posh suburbs of Los Angeles. The filmmaker, also the author of the script, tries to understand the reasons that push adolescents into the spiral of violence.
Alpha Dog brings together for the first time two Hollywood stars, Sharon Stone and Bruce Willis, and gives Justin Timberlake his first big movie role after appearances in Longshot in 2000 and Edison more recently (2005).
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Director: Nick Cassavetes
Casting: Emile Hirsch, Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis
Genre: Drama
Distributor: Metropolitan Movie
Exit DVD : 8 November 2007
Country: United States
Suggested price: 19.99 euros

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