January 16, 2022

Nicole Scherzinger and her African braids in London

Nicole Scherzinger, the sulphurous Pussycat Dolls, made famous by her incredible swing and sweet voice, was spotted this Thursday, March 7, in the streets of London, while she went to a recording studio. The pretty brunette is preparing a new solo album, which should be released later this month. His new single, entitled "Boomerang", however, is already listening on the airwaves and will soon be available on legal download platforms. While waiting to discover her next opus, let's focus on the beautiful beauty look worn by sexy Nicole yesterday in the English capital. The latter was indeed capped with sublime braids African, rather broad, who started at the top of his forehead and stopped at the top of his skull. The rest of her hair was then tied into a high-pitched ponytail. A hairstyle sophisticated, very elaborate, for a beauty look both wild and elegant. Hairstyle that she also wore, at night, during a dinner at the restaurant.

On the make-up side, the singer opted for a very glowy complexion and nude lips during the day. For the evening, the beautiful had made her lips a glossy pink fuchsia and her eyes a line of liner and black kohl.




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